A brief summary of the places I've worked at as a developer

  1. Prep Fellow at MLH Fellowship

    July 2022 - August 2022, Remote

    • An internship alternative program in which I collaborated with people from all over the world on open-source projects
    • Made contributions to portfolio project made with Jekyll (https://mlh-fellowship.github.io/prep-portfolio-22.AUG.PREP.2/)
    • Made contributions to a weather app made with React (https://mlh-fellowship.github.io/prep-project-22.AUG.PREP.2/)
  2. Web Development Intern at SaffronStays

    June 2021 - June 2022, Remote

    • Online travel agency with 50k daily visitors; part of a team to renovate website using the React ecosystem
    • Created an easy-to-use dashboard for stakeholders
    • Implemented JWT auth, reusable components for use across the website
    • Reprogrammed APIs from Node to Golang for better performance and latency
  3. Frontend Intern at Artistan

    April 2021 - June 2021, Remote

    • Developed a responsive PWA for an e-commerce store from scratch using React
    • Implemented OTP-based authentication system using JWT, including Google and Facebook logins
    • Created an autosaving form using Formik, with reordering-enabled image gallery for user input